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Teach your body to swing faster by using overspeed training. 3 speed sticks of varying weights, along with a radar, will get you swinging faster than you think you could.

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SuperSpeed Clinics are taking place in our Carlsbad location. We meet 3x per week, typically M-W-F, to add speed! Join a speed class today! Please fill out the form below and I'll be in touch shortly.

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SuperSpeed Certified

Learn how to properly, and safely, implement the SuperSpeed protocol from a Level 3 certified instructor. I'll make sure you are swinging fast, but not too fast, so you'll be able to take the speed from the gym to the course!

Level 1 SuperSpeed Training

In this comfortable group setting, you'll utilize the SuperSpeed tools to increase your clubhead speed. This 6 week program will help re-set your body and enable to you swing faster once a club is in your hands.

Overspeed training works to increase the neuromuscular reaction speed of a known motor program by reducing the load during a movement, allowing the body to move faster than normal.

Over the course of this program students of all ages see about 5% increase in clubhead speed (CHS), on average. Results may vary.

Superspeed Training - Level 1


Level 1 Speed Training

  • Includes your own set of speed sticks and swing radar ($400 value)
  • 6 week program
  • 3 day/week facilitated by SuperSpeed Level 3 Certified instructor in Carlsbad
  • Small group setting
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