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Speed is king in golf today. Learn how to program your body to swing faster safely utilizing the best speed tools, swing mechanics, and exercise programs available. The Fausty Golf training method helps you get faster and more efficient, helping you get better during the first 30 mins we work together!

"The Fausty Golf training method helped me discover the proper sequencing of my legs/core to unleash an incredibly powerful yet efficient move through the golf ball! I have increased my swing speed by nearly 10 mph and hit the ball 25-30 yards longer. Who adds speed and distance at 53 years old? Only Fausty students!" - Dr. Ravalin

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Swing Catalyst 3D Force Plate


Do you know what your dominant force creator is? How do you create clubhead speed using the 3 ground reaction forces? 

I'm Southern California's only Swing Catalyst Ambassador and with my use of the 3D Force Plate I've helped hundreds of golfers create a more efficient, more powerful swing. Check out the video here to see what an output lesson might look like!




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What is your Golf Body limitation?

During a TPI Screening, you will learn how your golf body limitations may be hurting your game. Book your screening (remote or in-person) now to learn more.

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