Due to COVID-19, all in person workouts are now offered remotely. Please select remote packages to book
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Remote Packages

Remote TPI Screening & Personalized At-Home Workout Plan

Make sure to stay active during these difficult times. Now offering a remote TPI Screen, which provides you with personalized and actionable feedback on where your golf fitness needs are. As part of this limited time offer, you'll get a 2-week, at-home, and personalized workout plan that uses tools you already have.

Don't let your golf game suffer even more by not staying fit!

Questions? Email me at [email protected]

IG: @FaustyGolf

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"For Pros, driving distance is more important than driving accuracy. For amateur golfers, driving distance is even more important for scoring than driving accuracy" - Mark Broadie

"For better players, gaining 3 yards of distance will offset 1 yard of accuracy loss. For amateur players, it only takes 2 yards of distance gain to offset 1 yard accuracy loss" - Chris Broadie

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TPI Screening

What are you wanting to get better at? No matter that answer, the TPI Screen is the foundational measurement to assess your physical state in relation to the golf swing. This 16-point, low impact test will help us measure your body-swing connection and guide us to the best path forward.

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SuperSpeed Training

SuperSpeed overspeed training works to increase the neuromuscular reaction speed of a known motor program by reducing the load during a movement, allowing the body to move faster than normal. Teach your body to move faster in the golf swing! 

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Fitness for Golf

Fitness for golf is a specialty. By utilizing the TPI Screening process, we will identify any physical limitations you may have. Once we know these, we can efficiently and effectively attack those areas with specific exercises for improvement.

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