Remote TPI Screening & Personalized At-Home Workout Plan

Make sure to stay active during these difficult times. Now offering a remote TPI Screen, which provides you with personalized and actionable feedback on where your golf fitness needs are. As part of this limited time offer, you'll get a 2-week, at-home, and personalized workout plan that uses tools you already have.

Don't let your golf game suffer even more by not staying fit!

Remote TPI Screening

Limited time offer - $99

Let's get started on keeping your golf game fit. The screen will provide the blueprint to create your personalized 2-week exercise plan.

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Body-Swing Connection

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The TPI Screening is the gold standard in golf fitness and body-swing connection screening. For $175 you will get a report from TPI explaining your body-swing connections and I'll build you a 4-week at-home exercise program. If you purchase a 5 or 10 pack of 1:1 sessions, I'll throw in one free 1:1 session! 

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Includes a 4-week at-home exercise plan

Schedule your TPI screen with a TPI Certified professional to better understand your body-swing characteristics along with a personalized exercise plan.

Located in Carlsbad, CA and Escondido, CA

Why should you get a TPI Screening?

Have you been working on a swing fix for years and never been able to get better? Well, that was me. I struggled with early extension for a solid decade, which caused me to have an extreme flip of the club at impact. This resulted in a big push, big draw/hook, or sometimes when the timing was right I hit it straight. It wasn't until I went through a TPI Screening did I realize that I couldn't fix my early extension with a swing coach because my posterior chain was weak! I worked with a TPI professional, strengthened my back side, and now I hit a nice little fade to straight ball. No more big misses.

I believe a TPI screening is the most important activity a golfer can do to help them be more efficient in their practice, their time allocation, and their workout routines.

Early extension, over-the-top, hanging back, chicken-wing, etc, etc, etc. We can identify what your body can do physically, pair that knowledge with your swing coach direction (if you work with one), and get your game moving in the right direction quickly!

TPI Screening 16 point test

16-point exercise test

This low impact and thorough physical screen is a comprehensive assessment of strength, mobility, and functional movement patterns specific to the golf swing

Personalized Exercise Program

At the conclusion of the screening we will have an idea of your specific body-swing connection characteristics. You'll get a personalized exercise program to help address any physical limitations you may have, including a recommendation for when to be re-tested to ensure the exercises are helping.

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