My Favorite Brands & Discount Codes

In golf and fitness, building great relationships is the foundation of being successful. These are some of the brands I love working with along with discounts for you.

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Cheat code for Mobility

By far my favorite tool for helping add mobility, stability, and strength all at once! I use this personally and with every student that comes through the speed factory. You've never felt a stretch like this! Use code FaustyGolf15 to get 15% off any floor+handle bundle! Trust me, this is a must!!

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Green & Yardage Books

StrackaLine's "The Book" has been used by the best players in the world since 2007. PGA TOUR, LPGA, Korn Ferry, College teams (DI DII DIII), AJGA, Golf Canada, State Golf Associations, PGA of America, and many other competitive tours. I use this book basically every round. Save 20% using Fausty20 code (new combo book pricing is only $39 before discount!!!)

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Orange Whip Golf

"You Gotta Feel It" - and I agree! I've fallen in love with how the Orange Whip Golf products help me and my students feel different aspects of what we are working on. As a GFX Certified coach I can't say enough good things about the products I use. Use code Fausty10 to save at least 10% on all their products at!

Visit Orange Whip and use code FaustyGolf at Checkout
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Tosi Snacks

Tosi SuperBites are the perfect on-the-go snack on the course as well as when I’m training students at the speed factory. They don’t melt, taste great, and everyone that I share them with absolutely loves them too! Visit to save 20%!

Get 20% off Tosi Snacks
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EPN Supplements

Supplementation can be a great way to hit your macros, help recovery, and help enhance some workout energy. I've partnered with EPN Supplements to give a fantastic, clean, supplement partner to FaustyGolf students! With EPN, they have 2 purchase options -- using my code to save on competitive retail prices, or invest in a membership where you can purchase at cost!

Use code RFAUST11 to save 10% on your order, including your monthly membership!


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The Stack System: The only all-in-one speed trainer I recommend

I highly recommend The Stack system to help with your speed training. What sets The Stack apart from every other weighted, under/over speed training, is their AI platform and App. They continually adjust the protocols individualized for you. Due to this customization, I can confidently say that my students are getting appropriate protocols. HOWEVER, I also highly recommend oversight from your swing coach (or me) to ensure we don't turn into too much upper body driven swings during training!

Use code FaustyGolf to save 10%!

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