Do you have tight hamstrings?

stretch tpi tpi screen Apr 30, 2020
Do you have tight hamstrings? You aren't alone. In fact, just a few years ago I could barely reach down and touch my knees! Sitting around in a cubicle, then the car, then watching TV definitely didn't help.
And my tight hamstrings effected my golf game, specifically my posture. If I were to take a look at my setup a couple years ago, you will notice that I was very much bent at the knees. This was because my hamstrings were too tight, and I could not actually lengthen them to get into a taller posture. It also prevents a player from being able to get the appropriate hip-hinge at address and maintain it throughout the swing.
This also plays a major factor in using ground force throughout the swing, and being able to get through the impact position in a strong post position.
If you can't touch your toes then this is a major indicator that you'll have some of the same issues in your golf posture and swing. But, we don't want to just try to touch our toes...
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Why you should start with a TPI Screening

Ok, so you have decided to work on your fitness, specifically to help you in your sport. Congratulations on taking this step that many don't! Now....
Where do you start?
I believe you should always start with your goal in mind and a plan of attack. Want to lose weight? Get stronger? Play better golf? Just move better?
The answer to that question should drive your decision of where to start. And if you are looking to play better golf or even just move better, then the best place to start is with a TPI Screening.
As a fitness instructor that specializes in golf (and a decent player myself), all my clients go through a Titleist Peformance Institute (TPI) Physical Screening. Ideally I would screen them, but if they've recently been screened by another TPI professional then we will use those results. That's one of the great things about TPI Screenings - you must be certified through them to be able to perform the screening. This means that if a player...
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